Walls and Extras

New mural painted in Helsinki Kalasatama ” Suvilahti”

Spray paint and acrylic paint on concrete together with my friend Tom’95

Mural painting from 2019 painted in Jokela Finland, spray paint and acrylic paint on concrete.

Some of the new murals painted in recent weeks, summer 2020.

Jarvenpaa Music Club and Bar „Frida” interior artistic painting

Some time ago I had the opportunity to work together with my colleagues on the colors and appearance in the space of the Frida club in Jarvenpaa, here is a piece of the wall to show the effect together with the concert lights working. Plus few pictures from in progress session.


Several types of graphics – illustrations made in photoshop.

Logo Painting in Padma YogaStudio in Kerava Finland. 2019

Work in progress and finished project painted on the wall with brushes and latex paint according to the client’s choice.
The work involved re-designing the logo in the size that the client proposed and was made so that the brush movements were visible and looked as a hand-painted decoration for the Padma YogaStudio in Kerava Finland.


Shahin Badar Cover CD 2019

The results of my collaboration with the singer Shahin Badar in creating the cover for her new album JAAG Remix.

It’s a mix of songs from the earlier album JAAG in collaboration with DJ Podje from 4sumotion.

I created about 25 different types of covers and the singer finally chose 2 of them and the rest will probably be used at another time.

Another wall as Soto Collective with my really good friend and artist from group. 2019

A common mural with a colleague from the Soto collective.

Last paintings made with a spray paint. Letter Keef and portrait of musician Keith Flint, the next wall made for the club Frida Jarvenpaa Finland, both walls from 2019.


Painting on the wall made on request for customers in Helsinki. 2018

The main topic was to be a portrait combined with a landscape, graffiti and simple graphic accents.
Everything was made with acrylic paints and brushes.30168090_155242491975041_1572337955412335188_o

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